Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fabolous' Baby Mama Emily B Has A Message For Us..

You may wonder, "why does she feel the need to state that?". Well if your one of the few people that watche VH1's "Love and Hip Hop", then you know why. On Monday night's episode Emily set up a family photo shoot for her, her daughter(which isn't Fab's), her son with Fab, and Fabolous. He chose not to come and she proceeded to take the photos without him. Their 2 year old son was having a case of the terrible two's on set so she stated that it was because "his dad is not here". She thought maybe if the baby heard Fab's voice he would calm down but when she called him, she got no answer. I guess Fab isn't only one call away. *jason weaver voice*.

Of course she started crying on air because time and time again she paints this picture that they are a happy family yet he WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT claim her as his woman nor let her walk red carpets with him (she also happens to be his personal stylist). Can you say hot mess?! They apparently had a "relationship" for a few years and she seems to think that now that they have a child together they are most definitely "together" and she hangs on that piece of thread throughout the show. In all honesty she makes herself look real silly, but hey love will sometimes make a fool out of you.

Check out some photos and Monday night's episode below:

She tweeted this photo from Lala & Carmelo's wedding last summer with the caption "we're next"

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  1. He does her sooo dirty ain't no way in hell I would've said anything good about him. He might be a good father but eff that let him tell it. She is in so much denial just let him go ain't like he that cute anyway. smh.


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